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Committed to innovation and excellence, Demeter offers its clients a personalized service. Our teams contribute to their success by recommending effective and proven solutions that are tailored to their needs and increase the performance of their business.

Swine Health

We support producers in the management of their herd's health by providing personalized recommendations from both medical and economic standpoints while promoting the sound use of medications. 


We offer a veterinary pharmacy service with the greatest inventory for livestock care and all the breeding material you need. Everything you need, delivered straight to your door!

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We perform most of the analyses to diagnose swine disease, to follow-up on a herd’s health status, as well as to validate the effectiveness of a vaccine. We do so while remaining efficient, reliable, and competitive.



This unique platform in veterinary medicine, designed for the exclusive use by our clients, provides access to a plethora of functionalities and helpful documents for effective communication and operations management.

Research and Development

Innovation is an integral part of our organizational culture. We share with our clients the scientific and technical knowledge that we draw from our numerous research and development projects.


Herd Follow-up

We believe in the importance of setting goals and regularly analyzing production data. Our monthly reports allow you to quickly identify your strengths and areas for improvement. 



We offer training solutions tailored to your needs and those of your farm staff. Our experienced team is available to support you and increase the performance of your business.


Canadian Pork

We can assist you throughout the CPE validation process for your farm. Thanks to continuous and personalized support, you will benefit from our expertise and experience in the field.

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