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In cases of health problems within the herd, your veterinarian can rapidly be on site in order to analyze the situation. It is very important to identify the problem as precisely as possible, and we pride ourselves in conducting the best diagnostic analyses in order to apply the appropriate solution. We will then develop an action plan for the treatment and prevention of the problem based on historical production data and test results, always keeping in mind the profitability of the company.
Farm Visits
We believe that prevention is the best tool for swine farmers. According to us, “better safe than sorry” is the most profitable and sensible approach. A periodic visit of your herd helps us analyze your methods and lead discussion on the best ways to improve herd management and disease control. We provide detailed visit reports outlining proposed action plans, vaccination and medicine programs, and other protocols as a tool for improved production and disease management.
Consultation services concerning herd management is also available. Our main goal is to aid our customers in being as competitive as possible.
The fact that we are also involved in swine production enables us to really understand the reality of producers on all levels and helps us to adapt ourselves to the market and to new technologies.
Our customers can manage their production data with the suggested software PigKnows. This software enables our customers to organize production data effectively. An exclusive system in PigKnows allows automatic computerizing of hand-written data with an optical characters recognition scan. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information!