Always working to provide the best service at the best cost for our customers, Demeter Veterinary Services is the central deposit for sample testing. The key lab tests necessary for herd health assessment are done in our laboratory by a professional and experienced team.


Our goal is to meet the needs of the industry in order to HAVE A BETTER CONTROL when it comes to the herd’s health. Being close to your needs helps us to develop new approaches for analysis and minimize costs. Being aware of the history of your farm, we are able to act rapidly if any problem occurs.

  • Efficiency. We guarantee high-quality testing and rapid results, within an appropriate time frame. The lab results are always confidential and are accessible online via MyHealthFile.

  • Reliability. Our laboratory services are an added-value service for our customers and our first concern is to ensure exact results when it comes to our analyses. Our policy concerning quality is based on a rigorous validation procedure that complies with the industry standards of today. Our qualified staff are dedicated to provide the best service with the strictest compliance when it comes to biosafety standards.

  • Competitiveness. We are working hard in order to offer you the best services at a reasonable price. The expedition of samples to our laboratory is completely FREE*. Ask for your FREE shipping kit today.



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Demeter is a pioneer when it comes to offering its customers a specialized analysis service adapted to their needs. Our quality commitment is based on:

  • Computerized information management, from the receipt of samples to the analysis with flawless traceability;

  • The use of calibrated and certified state-of-the-art equipment and recognized diagnostic procedures including internal validity controls;

  • Double verification of the results before submitting the final report;

  • Continuous improvement of procedures and methods in order to provide the customer with impeccable service and satisfaction.


Laboratory testing is essential in order to obtain a reliable diagnosis whenever your veterinarian suspects an infectious health problem within your herd. The analyses provide evidence for the viruses or bacteria in question. Laboratory tests are also useful for monitoring the health status of a herd or to confirm the efficiency of a vaccine by monitoring the animals’ immune response.


At Demeter laboratory, we perform most of the analyses for the diagnoses of swine illnesses: Tests include PCR, ELISA, sequencing, for illnesses such as PRRS, porcine epidemic diarrhea, circovirus infection and others. We can also test the quality of drinking water and the particle size of feed ingredients. See the request form for the complete list of available tests.


We can provide sampling kits with all the necessary materials and instructions so that you may take different types of samples (saliva, swab of feces, environmental wipes, water, etc.). Training is also available for blood sampling.

* Certain conditions apply. Ask to the lab team of more information.